Fiber arts:  Fabric and Yarn, Quilting, Knitting and More – are what you will find at Wooden Spools!  We look forward to celebrating our 12th year anniversary in October 2022.

There are two sides to Wooden Spools, both online and in-store – the Quilting/Fabric side and the Knitting & Crochet/Yarn side.

We were originally inspired to create the fabric side of Wooden Spools in 2010, after a conversation about how expensive our quilting hobbies had become.  We also realized how much we spend on fabric that just ends up in our stashes – sitting on shelves “to be used someday”. So, we began to buy “stash” fabric from quilters.  We’re pretty picky – it must be “quilt shop quality” unused – unwashed, basically in the same condition as it was when it originally was purchased off the bolt!

The result is an ever-changing selection of fabric, which includes both recently produced designs all the way back to vintage feed sack fabric!

Since so many of us play with both yarn and fabric – we decided to expand Wooden Spools to offer yarn as well.  Before we knew it, a yarn shop was born!    We are pretty traditional on the yarn side of things, with a fabulous selection of yarn, needles, books and patterns.   We love a great sale – and passing along savings, so keep your eyes (and email boxes) open for opportunities there.

Our mission is to make these hobbies that we enjoy so much affordable again!  You can save 10% on your purchases every day when you “show and tell” an item that was made with yarn or fabric from Wooden Spools!

Oh, and by the way, that’s where our name came from!  When you think of actual “wooden spools” and remember the days when thread was always on wooden spools … things were much more affordable then, weren’t they?

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Thank you for visiting our online store. If you find yourself in the Denver, Colorado area please stop by our retail store and say hello!