Regia Pairfect 4 ply

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Regia Pairfect 4 ply:
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REGIA PAIRFECT – A new dimension in sock knitting! This innovation by Regia makes it incredibly easy to knit two identical socks from one skein. Thanks to "Easy Start" it is easy to find the beginning of each sock and to start knitting.

It’s very easy: The yellow starter thread marks the beginning of each sock. Simply cut off the yellow starter thread and begin knitting the first sock. After the first sock is completed, unwind the yarn to the next yellow starter thread and cut it off. Then simply knit the second sock.

Illustrated lesson on the back of the ball band.

Machine wash and dry.

Virgin Wool: 75%
Polyamide: 25%
100 g / 3.50 oz
Yarn Meterage/Yardage: 420 m / 459 yds
Tension/Gauge #/stitches: 30
Tension/Gauge #/rows: 42
Knitting Needle (US): 1-3