About me: Mountain Quilter a.k.a. Phyllis A. Stewart                                                          Summer 2016

I have lived in Colorado for over 40 years and love the mountains. I collect pine cones as well as lots of fabric (and I do mean Lots). I have quilted for the past 40 years but I would call it my real passion for the past 25 years. My two grown kids are Lisa and Karl, and Lisa (and Tony) are expecting our first granddaughter soon!

I am married to an amazing man, Bill Stewart who also has two kids, Jason and Heather. Jason and his wife Jennifer have our first two grandsons, Tenzin and Kalden but they live far away in Washington state.

Ok, enough about family – let’s get to quilting. I come from a long line of quilters. My mom, both grandmothers, great-grandmothers and further back were all quilters. The oldest family quilt in my collection comes from a 5 generation back great aunt and was made during civil war times.

I love making quilts, collecting quilts (over 200 in my doll quilt collection), designing quilts, etc. you get the picture. I am most recently even learning to hand quilt and am finishing a project for AQSG, a miniature reproduction of an indigo and cheddar basket quilt from the 19th century. I think I am really enjoying the process of hand quilting. I just wish it went faster. I like to make lots of quilts so machine quilting will remain my favorite.

I threatened my daughter when she got pregnant that I would make the new baby girl a dozen quilts…I have had to revise that to a dozen quilts by the time she is two years old but I can promise this little girl she will be “blanketed” with love sewn into her quilts.

Thanks for following along on this blog. I am having so much fun working with Vicki at Wooden Spools doing some design work for the shop and some patterns and samples. Most of my professional life I have been a controller/bookkeeper so it is an absolute delight to be able to have time to be creative and play with color and fabric all day!

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