Pat Syta

Pat started sewing when she was 12 and quilting in about 1991.  She was an Administrative Assistant for 29 years in Elementary Schools.  After retiring in Anchorage, and moving to Parker, CO, Pat continued the same position in Douglas County for 4.5 years.  Her first job here was in the construction process and outfitting Lone Tree Elementary in Lone Tree, CO. A job she did previously in Anchorage and calls it and that school her “award winning job”!

Pat got bit hard by the quilting bug after a quilting class that a friend talked her into taking.  With gusto Pat began teaching in just two years!   Beginning in Anchorage, Alaska, her teaching took her to many communities in Alaska which she thoroughly enjoyed.  Meeting people and sharing the love of quilting is what makes her happiest.  Pat has taught 1,000+ beginners and students at other levels during her career and calls herself the “Queen of Shortcuts”.  She loves to take patterns and make them simple to understand for others. She has designed many patterns locally and has published two quilting books, “Bear’s Paw Plus” and “Red At Night”.

Pat looks forward to teaching at Wooden Spools and sharing her love of quilting, good snacks, and laughter.  Pat said (about quilting and teaching) “We all have something important to share in life so I know you will make a mark on my life and I hope to do the same for you!  See you soon!”

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