Dusty Darrah

Dusty Darrah

Certified Zentangle® Teacher

Dusty has been teaching Zentangle® classes here for a few years, making this art form of pen to paper fun and easy to learn. In her Basic Zentangle® Class, she teaches 4 tangles/designs (hands on) and then the students each create a unique design on a watercolor paper tile using those 4 tangles. That exercise is repeated with 4 more tangles in each class.

Each beginner class offers 8 more tangles (new to students) so you could come to every one of Dusty’s beginner/basic classes and learn 8 different tangles each time. No artist knowledge is needed for any of her classes.

Although these classes use watercolor paper and ink pen, you may notice that many of the tangles are familiar to you as quilting patterns. Drawing them on paper helps you to become more comfortable with using them to quilt on fabric.

Occasionally, Dusty teaches ZIAs (Zentangle® Inspired Art) here, really expanding your knowledge of using tangles to create pictures you’d actually want to frame and hang on your wall.

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