“Unique” is a description often overused in the art world, but in my case, the motivation to be stretching toward new and original outcomes is always an underlying factor in my work. The compulsion to be different began more than 30 years ago when I tackled my first quilt, and immediately realized traditional patterns were not going to work for me, so I created my own. Those early days of learning to work with fabric have given way to experimentation and curiosity that always seems to be the driving force behind my art.

My current work hints at the mixing of geometric and organic textures with layer upon layer of complex surface tension. It’s about exploration where unexpected connections and juxtapositions can lead to new ideas and artistic expressions.  I enjoy not having complete control over the outcome of my work and as I layer, create each line, shape or pattern, add or take away color, and stitch, the decisions made after each step change the options for the next decision.  It’s why making art is so intriguing to me and something I am driven to do every day.  When I see another way to stretch the definition of fiber art, that’s when I feel excited about what I am doing.

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