Audrey Cheadle

Audrey has been a knitter since grade school, when she learned to knit from her mother.  More recently, she ventured more deeply into the fiber arts by learning to spin her own yarn.  Her favorite fiber to spin is alpaca.  She currently serves as Outreach Coordinator for the Rocky Mountain Weavers’ Guild, setting up spinning and weaving exhibits at venues that include the Stock Show and the Denver County Fair.

It has become one of Audrey’s passions to grow the art of knitting and spinning by encouraging her students to build on what they already know and become more comfortable with their craft.  In doing so, she too gains new skills and insights into the fascinating world of creating hand knit and handspun items.

A 23-year resident of Englewood, Audrey was delighted to discover Wooden Spools right in her own neighborhood, and spends as much time as she can at Englewood’s own Local Yarn Shop!

Audrey believes everyone should knit on a daily basis to enhance their peace of mind!