Since TODAY is our official birthday – we’ve got some sweet treats for you!


The savings continue this week with the addition today of a special table that will feature items marked down to 50% off. 

This will especially appeal to quilters and fabric lovers, with some fun notions, books (and more surprises) featured!

Also – beginning today thru the rest of the week – all Quilt Shop Quality Flannel is 10% off, so it’s only $4.50 per yard!

Seasonal (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas) Quilt Shop Quality Fabric is still on sale @ $4.50 per yard

Seasonal Books and Patterns are 10% off

Chain Store Quality Fabric is only $1.49 per yard (regularly $1.99/yard)

There’s still alot of $1.00 per yard “AS-IS” Chain Store Quality Fabric to choose from



The 50% off all  100% Cashmere, 100% Silk and Blends containing Cashmere or Silk Yarn continues….and there is still a great selection remaining!

We have a few of the very elegant all black luxury yarn shawl kits at $40.00 (which is 50% off)

All discounted “revived” knitting needles and crochet hooks are still 50% off!

Oh, and Yes – there will be items on the 50% off table that will appeal to Yarn Lovers as well!


Thank you everyone for the Happy Birthday Wishes and your support!  We sure wouldn’t be celebrating this milestone without you!




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